Sure, I cook

I don't really talk about cooking much, do I? Well, today I'm feeling very lifestyle bloggish, so you get to hear about my dinner last night. And what's the first step in preparing a new dish if you blog? That's right...

Photograph the ingredients. No, but seriously. Let's have a closer look at that noodle packaging.

Isn't that gorgeous?! Can I incorporate it into a craft?  Anyway, I made this Vietnamese soup last night because Ethan was feeling under the weather and I wanted to fortify his humors, you know, black bile, yellow bile, Pho Bo, Cheetos. Is that 4? Those are his 4. Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes, cooking. I looked at 3 or 4 recipes online and sort of synthesized my own version since I didn't want to make my own stock. Star anise is the key. And they photograph so well! It turned out really good despite the lack of recipe. That's sort of how I craft, too. I can't follow directions, so I make up my own. That's also why I don't have a real job. Back to that and aqua with hot pink net?! Awesome. It's like a Betsey Johnson dress, only it has noodles inside.


  1. It is a Betsy Johnson dress! I used to wear Betsy Johnson all the time--that is, back when I was 19. Of course, I also used to wear bicycle shorts with a tuexdo jacket and thought that was really fashion-forward. Compared to my uniform of jeans, t-shirt, cardie these days, I guess it was.


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