Ohhhh Foxy!

After many malformed sad muslin foxes tossed into the trash...finally...

...and I love it so much it's getting weird. I am actually carrying it around everywhere I go. Family is getting concerned.


  1. LOL. That is great. I think we should be proud of our work. I totally love the owl I created, even tho I had to have my mom sew it. I put in on wreath.

  2. Now I have Jimi Hendrix stuck in my head!!

  3. oh he's great! the swiss dots are pretty perfect too. are you posting a tutorial? because I won't be able to show the boy if I cannot reproduce :)

  4. He's so cute - and I love him without legs. He's trapped and can't leave you!

  5. Ha cute fox plushy can't get away. He shall be snuggled forever!


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