Sneak Peek!

Yes, there will be a tutorial...

...and, yes, there will be a giveaway...

...just as soon as I'm over my cold. And I after I draft my Stay-At-Home-Mom's Bill of Rights. Article One has to do with sick days.

So please come back possibly tomorrow or later today or whenever the cold medicine kicks in. Maybe Wednesday depending on what today is. Anybody know what today is?

I know you want to know how to make your stuffed animals light up. Here's a hint: lovely Amy of Mod Podge Rocks is the ambassador to Plaid and helped me set this all up. No, it's not Mod Podge (and I don't think I've ever said that before.)


  1. Hang in there, sweet Katie. I think I'm just starting a cold, too! And here I was patting myself on the back, saying how capable and strong and invincible I was to have lasted all through summer without conking out once. This is when my words return to bite me in the backside. I used to jump into the (warm, lovely, outdoor) pools at the first sign of a cold in Singapore. Tonight I have to take the kids to swimming class, and I have to get in the pool with Kate. I am crossing my fingers that the Swimming Cures Cold rule applies worldwide. Although, given that this is MN, even with the warm fall we're having, I might be asking for pneumonia. Erk.

    How did this comment end up being about me? Sorry. That was a long story to say I sympathize, and I will be drinking lemon+honey+drugs tonight too. And with no one to cook pho for me. Hopefully you're luckier.

  2. If your doing a give away, then I would like to go ahead and say, "dubs!"
    I seriously love your stuff, and hope you feel better soon.


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