Nursery Tour

It's up over at Ohdeedoh now. Wheeeee!

Those dang lion knockers are still cracking me up. Somebody asked in the comments how they're attached to the plaques. The head itself is hollow, so I packed it with papier mache and let it dry, so it's like a rock inside and the deep undercuts in the shape of the head keep the papier mache rock lodged in there tight. Then I screwed straight through the back of the plaque into the papier mache rock. Sturdy as all get out. Roar!

Our one and only car died last night in the grocery store parking lot. Wheeee! At least I have all my groceries. Check out this lamp I made. Little ballerinas and rubber bouncy balls and jacks. Like an elementary school carnival.

Twin bed turned day bed-esque. I totally want to do a headboard for me like this with the frames. The fabric is my all-time favorite no name Joann fabric that has been discontinued. I used up the last bit I had for this project.

Little Red Riding in the Hood. That's how she rolls.

Ruffled ceiling light shade cover thing. To cover some ugly brass fixture I was too lazy to take down.

The crib mobile that started it all. I repainted those dang animals about a hundred times before I finally got it right. And the lion's face shows up again...

And finally it's done. I'm not crafting again for at least like two days. The brine for the turkey is simmering, and the house smells amazing. No car, snuggled in, supposed to snow today. Not bad.


  1. Katie, it's GORGEOUS! That mobile! It's what brought me here too long ago - my ticket to matsutake. And boy am I glad I found your blog. We are all waiting for the snow here, too. Not happily waiting, just waiting. Have a happy thanksgiving!

  2. The pom-pommy lion pillow! The candy-coated colors! The swan boat! The book carousel! And is that amazing lamp made from a plastic bottle? This room is pure bliss!
    I'm ready to move in, please!!
    :) :) :)

  3. Thanks, you guys! LiEr, my crib mobile and your pickable strawberry garden creation. We were destined to be craft buddies.

    Yes, Jenny, a plastic smoothie bottle from Target. I wanted to use plastic so I could drill a hole near the bottom for the cord to come out. And, yes, you can move in if you don't mind a very LOUD roommate.

  4. Lovely room! what's the paint color? thank you!

  5. the headboard=pure genius. I LOVE it. Great job

  6. I was Little Red Riding in the Hood two years ago for Halloween. I had a gun in my "goodies for grandma" basket, just in case anyone tried to steal my goodies. I won the costume contest with that one, lol.


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