The Good News and a Tutorial!

The good news is that I didn't steal my neighbor's tree branches, and I didn't go to jail. I'm not half as subversive as I used to be. And the even more good news is that I'm making a garland out of felt, and I'll show you the pics asap. In the meantime, here's a tutorial for you! Yeah, ok, it's from last Christmas, but I feel this tutorial is important.

It's a mistletoe hairpin. So you can stick mistletoe to your head. You need to make this now before you go to your first Christmas party. Be prepared!

Makes a cute gift, too. The original tutorial is right here. Have fun!


  1. Super cute idea.

    Also, about those branches...i should have let you in on this little secret before but here's what I did.

    I went to a big box hardware store (mine in town was Home Depot) that has a tree cutting area. I asked one of the employees what they did with the trimmings and they said they just threw them away. So I asked to take some home.

    I had an awesome smelling car for a day of errands and made a garland and had enough left for a wreath and table trimmings to tuck here and there. All for the cost of a question (which was free, of course). I think a small mom&pop shop would use the trimmings to make a wreath but since HD can't put a sku on

  2. Even if your "felt garland" ends up looking like everyone else's felt garlands, which I seriously doubt, given your amazing brain, your commentary on it will put you in a class of your own, m'am. Mistletoe hairpin! I missed it last year. See, this is what I mean - there is no one like you, Katie. Confess crimes before they happen? Check. Offer suggestions to the local police for suitable disciplinary action for said crimes? Check. This is why I come here. Thank you for making me smile again!

  3. The hair pin is just darling! It would also be so cute turned into a Christmas headband for a little one!

    I'm new to your blog -thanks to seeing your nursery feature on Oh Dee Doh. Loving it!!!


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