Knit vs. Crochet part II

First, thank you so so much for all your thoughtful answers. Very helpful, indeed, and many of you confirmed thoughts that I had made up in my head which turned out to be not so made up after all based on what you're saying. Sorry for that horrible run-on weird sentence.

1. I'm definitely more into home decor, afghans, throws, pillows, etc than wearables.
2. I'm thinking chunky, perhaps even chunky to the point of plastic bags cut into strips and weird experimental stuff like that.

This is making me think crochet. Plus I've never tried crochet. I tried knitting once long ago and freaked out at how bad I was at it. I think I get too impatient. But knitting is soooo pretty. I think I'll try crochet without excluding the possibility of picking up the knitting needles again soon.

Thanks again for all the input. It really was super helpful!


  1. crochet is fun, and rather easy to pick up. I only know two stitches and have made three large affghans and some scarves for family.

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  3. Removed previous post due to typo on the most important word!

    Tunisian crochet is gorgeous.It looks like a cross between knit and crochet. Please check it out! My friend made beautiful blankets and scarves with that technique. Google and You Tube should help you figure it out.


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