Crochet Your Way to Mental Health

Without going into too much detail, I just wanted to check in and tell you that I've been forcibly separated from my craft supplies for the entire month of January. I know. It's been rough. No, I haven't been admitted to a mental hospital. Yet. The good news is that I did break down and buy myself a crochet hook and a ball of yarn, and it has saved my sanity. Wheeee! I love crochet! I'm posting right now because Maggie is using my crochet hook to eat Cheerios. Picture me sitting around a dingy, tan temporary apartment surrounded by little practice half granny squares...uh oh...I may have said too much.
The also good news is that when I am separated from my craft supplies, my mind goes into overdrive coming up with new projects! And AND, my friends, February is "How To Month" at Ohdeedoh. Are you shivering with anticipation? Me too!


  1. why oh why would you be separated from you crafty supplies? where are you? and yes, crochet (knitting is mine) is a great way to keep your sanity!

  2. Crochet/Knit is nice because it is so portable. Are you moving? And love your header.

  3. You've moved! You're somewhere warm! You escaped the winter! And you still have computer access. That's not bad at all!

  4. I TOTALLY get it!
    i am learning to knit and had the most AMAZING weekend because i closed the computer, didn't care about TV and was able to sit in front of the fire (wine in hand) and knit for hours. a few times i was waiting in lines, etc. and i pulled my knitting out of my purse and was happy to wait!
    i swear, i am LOVING winter thanks to my needles and yarn!

  5. I loved knitting as a way too calm the nesting urges during my pregnancy. And I really can't wait to see what you come up with in February. Your creativity is awe-inspiring.


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