Is it Wrong to Love a Piece of Furniture?

Because I am running away to Vermont with my ottoman to get married. They recognize marriage to furniture in Vermont. Remember what it looked like before when I rescued it from outside the department store?
I knew it had potential. I knew it just needed some love. After a rough life of sitting in a shoe department, it needed someone to believe in it. I did. Sure, I knew it might steal my money and car keys in the middle of the night and head to LA, but I took it home anyway. And now look:
Quite the gentleman, eh? Isn't it handsome?
It wasn't easy, I'll admit. It was incredibly hard to get thread through that cushion to do the tufted buttons. This ottoman is industrial strong and sturdy, which is awesome, but the foam is as dense as dark matter. I stood on it to get the buttons tight and all my weight (that's post-holiday weight) only compressed it enough to get the buttons down about an inch. And speaking of buttons, oh my.
I could've made those little buttons all day. It was so satisfying popping them out of the mold. And do you know what the best part is? I have TWO of these ottomans. Do you think they allow furniture polygamy in Vermont?


  1. He's very dapper. I'd marry him.

  2. what a hottie, you lucky lucky girl! Is the feeling mutual?

  3. I'd run off to VT with him too. Lovely.

  4. i adore it. before and after, the shape is kinda perfect and the legs rock. good save for sure

  5. Does he have more than one brother? Very handsome!

  6. I'd love to have one like him! And, no, it isn't wrong to love furniture. I have a piece or two that I couldn't live without!

  7. He's a spiffy dresser er ottoman all right. I'd run off to South Cali with him...Vermont looks too much like home right now (snow).

  8. Wow! what an amazing work, love the color...

  9. Katie, you crack me up like no one else!

    His makeover is perfect. Grey is so hot. And those buttons - I bought a pack for the first time a year or two ago. I used my teeth to make them. Is this normal? If not, I think maybe I don't have enough upper arm strength to get the fabric in well enough.

    My husband has asked me to reupholster the computer chair. Nervous because there's no actual sewing involved, just wrapping and smashing the cushion into the frame. I'm sure the final product will not tempt me whatsoever to run off to Vermont or anywhere, which is probably why the husband suggested it.


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