The Rush

I cannot explain the rush I feel when I think up a new crafty project. I just thought of one a couple of hours ago, and I'm DYING to get started. I'm actually only half way through writing my ohdeedoh post for tomorrow, and I can't stop thinking about this new idea! I want to do it right this second! I need 8 empty 2 liter Coke bottles and a hot pink Sharpie now Now NOW!!! I'm going to stay up all night working on it. Can I do it?! Yes! Especially after I drink 16 liters of Coke!


  1. Ha ha! I know that feeling and it doesn't happen to me NEARLY as much as I know it does to you. Reading this post has me feeling all excited and jittery for you - can't wait to see it!

  2. oh!!! I have a lot of empty 2 liter Coke bottles... but we are far away. My family give me this bottles and i make boxes like this with children:


  3. Know that feeling well but l use coffee not cokexx lynda

  4. Hopefully the bathroom breaks alone aren't going to be enough to slow you down.

  5. So, what happened? Did you explode from too much carbonation?

  6. Boy, you sure know how to keep a sucker in suspense!


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