What's going on in that head of mine?

See for yourself!
Actually the main thing going on right now is that Maggie has a fever. Poor baby. We'll be slumped on the sofa with a blanket and sippy cup for the rest of the day.


  1. Okay... seriously, explain. Ceramic? Foam? Where does one source such a thing? Love it, obvs.
    Hope the fever breaks soon. We had a bout of scarlet fever in the house last week, and I was all "How very Ingalls of us!". Who knew such things were still kicking around?

  2. I always knew Mod Podge had to be occupying a significant portion in there. The question is, did it develop organically, or was it implanted by the evil Mod Podge drones...

  3. I love this. What did we name her (your alter ego?)


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