Pretty as a Picture Frame Mobile

Just finished this! I made it out of those little frames you can get in the dollar section at Michaels. The big frame is from Goodwill. Watch Ohdeedoh next week for the tutorial!
Yes, that's my headboard lurking back there, too. Someday I'll finish it. Someday. The mobile is for Emma's room and won't be staying there above my head.
Sometimes I fear I've completely lost my sense of humor. Have I become boring? I post more and more crafts, and yet, where is my Spongebobesque enthusiasm?


  1. Love it. Looking forward to seeing the tutorial. :)

  2. So cute! I love this. I also love photos in children's rooms. One of these would be great anywhere in the house, though,

  3. looks great. I love those little frames more and more when I see them almost weekly. And did you know they're clearancing them right now? $0.60 each. bargain.


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