$5 Garage Sale Chair!

I got it this morning! Just down the block! At a garage sale! FIVE DOLLARS! What should I do with it? Give me your ideas! Paint? Fabric? What colors/prints? Help me brainstorm! Sorry for the spit flying out of my mouth.


  1. Recover it and paint the wood- for the chevron pattern... *Love*! Congrats on the score, and don't worry, I am wiping off my face now!

  2. Wow so chevrons seem to really be in right now. I saw were someone did their kitchen backsplash in black and white chevrons on the entire back wall.

    Now about your chair...there are some pretty retro looking fabric that are pretty cool. Guess it depends on your taste as to fabric choice, but definitely fabric and then painted to the coordinating color. I want to see the after!!

  3. Recover it in a light material.. paint the exposed in a dark... lucky find!

  4. Wood in Silver + something like this: http://pinterest.com/pin/7802457/

    Wood in White + something like this: http://pinterest.com/pin/27174381/

    Wood in Turquoise + something like this: http://pinterest.com/pin/23576853/

    But please, take out the buttos on the bakrest.
    And about chevorn pattern…yes, It's cute but… it's all around!

    Good Luck!!

  5. Umm... I kind of like the buttons on the backrest. I just found 4 dining chairs for $10 (total!) so do up your chair and post it so that I can get inspiration! To add to the pinterest mania, may I suggest my fabric board for inspiration?

    They all cause me palpitations.

  6. striped canvas twill with a painted frame. of course you would have to add some batting and upholster over the tufting. it looks like a challenge to cover that panel that wraps under the seat cushion...i suppose you could just staple gun it to death and then add trim:) any color combo would be fabulous! great find.

  7. Orange? I'm so into orange right now. I think I would like orange wood, and maybe a custom designed fabric that you could print at Spoonflower? It looks so serious now, I'd like to see some whimsy. I'm thinking light fabric with bold colors. Where's this baby going? It really depends if she's going to be near the glam end table or the more elegant ottoman.

  8. I think every neighborhood garage sale and thrift store is required to sell one of these chairs a month. I ended up doing a slip cover of loose blue and white with a big uneven floppy ruffle aroung the bottom (just past the seat). Painted the wood white. It looks perfect for a porch or summer cottage.


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