Frustration...Walk away?

At what point do you walk away from the craft that is just not working and totally driving you nuts and you keep dumping supplies into it and recutting, repainting, blah blah blah.

I am a failure.

No. No. NO! I will make it work! Today!

I'm just a little frazzled because my oldest child, Ethan, left this morning for a 3 day camping trip with the entire 5th grade at his school. I miss him already and I'm totally worried about him, but, I gotta say, are those teachers totally insane? Who in their right minds would want to go camping with 160 kids? Vaya con dios. Y valium.


  1. It's normal for us moms to worry about them, specially when its a 3 day trip! But believe me he isnt worried one bit and is having fun, so continue your craft and surely you will make it work :) Love your blog by the way, have a lovely day!

  2. Never never never a failure. Never. Sometimes one has to take a break from what isn't working and start fresh another time.
    I remember when my son went on a week long trip with his 5th grade class. Think it was a science thing. I couldn't call him and worried myself sick. He came home with all kinds of fun news about what he'd learned and looked refreshed and healthy!
    Please do give yourself a break. Go easy on yourself. Really!

  3. yes the teachers are insane and will most likely ask themselves "what was I thinking?" a few times in those 3 days. Thankfully they have (or should) lots of assistants--my sons' grade 5 trips were to educational camps.

    It is ok to take a pause from a project. Unless that project has a deadline then that break needs to be short!

    It'll be fine..."don't worry, be happy"


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