Fathers Day is tomorrow and all I have for Jon, the best father in the WORLD, is a blank canvas, a half cut out stencil, and a couple of very vague ideas. Crap!
Do you know how wonderful he is? How much he deserves? How hard he works? How unlikely it is that a blue-haired, punk rock line cook that you meet in a diner that gets you pregnant goes on to marry you, become the first in his family to graduate college, give you two more beautiful babies, and become a physician at the Mayo Clinic? This sort of thing just doesn't happen every day.
I better make a really good craft stenciled onto a canvas project thing for him.


  1. Haha, this is great. If anyone can come up with something fab, seems like you will be the one to do it! Good luck :)

  2. That is a truly amazing and INTERESTING story. How about honoring him by writing his (or his and your) story? I, for one, would love to read it. Start on your blog, and then, who knows? a book? Or a record for your kids? Wish him a Happy Father's Day for me!

  3. Behind every great man is always a great(er) woman! ;)

  4. Oh my THAT is a great story!

    I'm sure you came up with something awesome!!

  5. Cool story! I'm sure you had a wonderful day.

  6. He totally needs to bring the blue hair back.


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