One Yard Wonders...the second book!

I finally found some info about the second One Yard Wonders book! It's coming out in December! Weeee! Look at that cool umbrella project that made the cover! Wonder who did that! Me! Me! That's who! How exciting!

Click on over to Storey Publishing for more info.


  1. Yay, Katie! And did you see Pig? Pig is in the book, too! Thanks for posting about it so I could go read about it too.

  2. Fun! I think I'm in that book too (assuming the project I sent didn't get cut ;) Didn't make the cover, though!

  3. Yes, LiEr! I saw Pig and her babies! Melissa, click on that Storey Publishing link and there's a preview you can see somewhere on that page. Poke around and see if you can find your project. They only show a few, though. I'd almost forgotten the whole thing! Feels like forever ago that I submitted something.

  4. oh, that is exciting! love the first book ~ looking forward to the second.
    Have you been following the Pink Chalk Studio blog? they've been doing 2 projects a week and everything has turned out wonderful!


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