Tuesday Night: Are You Watching?

Ross. His hair is driving me nuts. Where is it supposed to go? And, yes, Mary, run away from Dru. This isn't going anywhere good. It's only 14 minutes into the show, and I can tell you two are oil and water. Ok, going shopping with Martyn now. Need chocolate. Back later.

Update: Just had a revelation. Dru must have been planted by Bravo to drive Mary to say things like, "It's like Taco Bell meets Taco Bell." Genius!

Update: James' pink sofa! Yes yes yes!

Update: Why did these One Kings Lane women chose to take Martyn to London to shop...on a budget? It does not make sense. It's like, "I'm on a diet. I think I'll get Roseanne Barr to take me to the Cheesecake Factory!"

Update: I missed the last 10 minutes! What happened to Jeffrey's floors? Did the restaurant owner tell him 50K was too much? Hilarious. Reality check!

And, in conclusion, j'adore Jacqueline. She stepped right out of an old Madeleine book, didn't she?


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