My assistant, Ms. Norwood, went out very early this morning. Now, with this insane heat wave, the heat index is 132 degrees, and I can't find her.

She is elderly, hard of hearing, and wearing a full length fur coat and Ferragamos. I fear she may be trying to walk to the The Zodiac Room.

All kidding aside, I hope she's okay. I'm very worried for her. I wish I hadn't let her out. Who in the world would've thought it would be so hot in Minnesota. This is nuts.

Please come home, Ms. Norwood.


  1. I'll cross my fingers for Ms. Norwood. It's hotter than the law allows here in Michigan too and my husband thought one of our wee poms got out last night. He was in a bit of a panic.

  2. Ms. Norwood, get yourself home and stop worrying your boss! When I worry about our cats, a bribe of tuna fish always does the trick, seems like they can smell it from anywhere.

  3. I had to laugh out loud, dear....Ms Norwood takes after your grandmother!! Try opening the can of tuna where she might hear it. Mr. K comes running when I take the can opener out of the drawer...I hope she returns....it's so distressing to have her missing.

  4. Tuna is a good idea, I also set out water and I have a plastic shoebox with a lid that I fill with ice packs, dry ice or just ice cubes in a shaded spot. I live in Arizona so it is terribly hot here too and I take care of about 25 - 30 feral cats (all fixed) some are outside and some of the ones that let me tame them are inside. We even have a portable evaporative cooler out there filled with water that puts out cool air for them, and a heater in the winter...lol, of course they aren't spoiled at all.
    I do think that the smell of Tuna should bring her home though.

  5. Eek! I hope Ms N returns soon. It's a veritable sauna out there. I'm worried for her, too!


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