I want to buy a few hay bales to decorate the front porch, but I'm shocked by how expensive they are for how little they are. Those little bales at the craft store are like $12. Are you kidding me?
To put it into perspective, this quantity of hay ( a 4 ft x 5 ft roll) will run you about $25-30. I'm going to the farm store supply up the road from me to see what I can find. That's one thing I've got going for me here in the middle of nowhere. I may not have 5th Avenue, but I do have Fleet Farm.

P.S. When you read the title of this post, did you think of the Pixies song?


  1. In California a bale of hay (square kind, not that big round thing) costs me $14.00. I use it to line the chicken coop cubbies. One bale goes along way though. It's packed TIGHT.

  2. Actually, I immediately thought of the Arthur theme song, and somehow I don't think that was by the Pixies.

  3. Try the garden center at your locate home improvement cente. I grabbed a large bale( could fit 6 of those little craft bales in it) for $4.50 at my local Lowe's

  4. You don't really want hay... that is food and is expensive.
    You want straw, which is basically mulch and super-cheap.


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