My Corn Maze Marble Run!

It's up over at Whip Up! I cannot tell you a) what a nice person Kathreen is
and b) how flattered I was to be asked to do a post in her guest blogger series while she's on vacay
and c) how nutso fun this thing is. Yes, I went overboard. You may recognize certain household items in this craft. Small milk carton. Toilet paper tube. Mini raisin boxes. Bottle caps. Q-tips.
It all sits in a cardboard file box lid. You have to roll the marble from the farmer's wagon through the corn field and grain silo to the barn. You're helping him harvest!
There are obstacles like felt hay bales. A mud puddle with a pom pom pig. A duck pond with mama duck and ducklings. An apple tree. A pumpkin patch. Yes, overboard. But so fun.


  1. love it. love all the scrabbled together bits from around the house and put to use here the most. It reminds me of something I would have made in Brownies--although way more fun than anything that ever came out of my Brownie troop.

  2. Thanks for the ideas...I want to make a maze for my special needs (speech/social deficits) client (age4) who can do mazes but I want to really force her into not crossing lines. And make it magnetic also. I was thinking wood but cardboard is better--won't feel obligated to keep it when she grows tired of it :o).
    Yours looks like fun-lots of details to keep the interest or build a story with.

  3. that's brilliant!! you did a very good job!

    I linked to your idea on my blog - thanks for sharing!

    doro K.

  4. Adorable and so inspired! Q-tip corn? Are you kidding me? You are my new idol!

  5. Ha! I laughed out loud at this - so so so awesome!!! Ha! I want a pom-pom Pig! ;)

  6. This is so clever! I'm enjoying all your craft posts. They are so unique!


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