The Good News and the Bad News and the Good News

The good news is that I think I found the perfect dresser for Emma's room on craigslist.

The bad news is that Jon said, "Please don't buy any more junk off craigslist."

The good news is that I have a truck and he will be asleep all day.


  1. He he! Just yesterday the husband asked me if I wanted any of the cardboard in the garage (we have no room for the car) before her threw it all out with the recycling. I said, "no" and then, two seconds later I ran out to claim what I wanted. I didn't even realize I'd lied. Is that the same as disobeying your husband when he begs you to not buy junk?

    Let's see that dresser revamped already, Ms S!

    P.S. I don't think a dresser on craigslist is junk. Cardboard on craigslist is junk. Tell Jon that.

  2. I just found your blog and wanted to comment that this is EXACTLY what I do! In fact - I also mention that my husband should not have bought me a minivan if he didn't want to give me the opportunity nor should we have gotten such a massive garage to store my finds in. Enjoy that dresser!

  3. We must be married to the same husband... They just can't appreciate the joy of a vintage find/ project. Therefore, items will continue to "appear" in our home... I find a way to carry even furniture pieces in myself (or possibly with a neighborbor's help) in an attempt to avoid detection... Craiggers forever!!!

  4. Ahh ha ha... Sounds like my life too! When we first moved to our conservative suburban neighborhood, I'd gone for a walk with our 2-month-old and came across a wooden trolley/cabinet on the curb. That day I said... no, I'd better not. The next day on our walk, it was still there - it was meant to be!! Sooo, we turned around and got the car. I loaded the baby into his car seat, went around the block, and somehow lifted that thing into the back of my hatchback. Of course it was too large for the hatch to go down, so off we drove back around the block with the hatch open - I wonder what the neighbors were thinking?! We got home, unloaded the baby, unloaded the find, and thought up an explanation for my husband. Anyway, I ended up cutting off the top, giving it a new coat of paint, and now use it for a printer stand in the kitchen. It's perfect! And totally free!

  5. I might have to move closer to you so that I can borrow your truck. Sometimes things just don't fit in my minivan.

  6. That sounds exactly like my weekend! I don't have a husband, but rather a boyfriend that doesn't understand my Craigslist habit. Just you wait until this beautiful reclining wingback chair is reupholstered. I guarantee it'll be his favorite chair, and I will then have a blank check for any future furniture purchases on Craigslist. Maybe not, but a girl can dream. (I have a subcompact, but my best friend has a Scion xB and he's my partner in crime.)


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