My Secret Paint Tip

Here's my secret to getting the perfect craft paint shade of Vintage Satin Tiffany Blue Holiday Frost. All your friends will look at your painted holiday crafts and say, "My gawd, how did you do that?" But don't tell! It's a secret. Straight from the Matsutake Top Secret Materials Testing Lab.

P.S. That's a little winter music box I made last week. I'll show you how in a day or two or whenever I get the first batch of cookies done. And eaten. I'm in a self-imposed holiday slo-mo this year.


  1. I <3 self imposed holiday slo-mo!! Enjoy!

  2. I just rapidly scanned my living room, saying, "What could I paint that color? What could I paint that color?!" Everybody, please click on that top photo so you can see just how creamy, pearly, and perfect that blue is!

  3. Aaaaaaaah! I love it!! Thank you!!

  4. when are you going to post how to make the little winter music box you made in Late Nov. of 2011??


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