Glossy Red vs. Rubbed Bronze: The Winner

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Neither. I didn't paint it at all. I was contemplating spray painting the wire on this laundry hamper but left it alone. I decided that you guys deserved to know the truth. I do respect you like that. And you needed to know. The good news is that this lovely hamper is going to be tutorialized on Apartment Therapy in a week or two or three or something. We're having How To month in February! So watch for it.
Oh, by the way, did you notice that Ohdeedoh was assimilated into Apartment Therapy? Boy, there were some unhappy commenters over there with their decorating panties in a wad over the redesign. Some people have extreme font sensitivities bordering on total Times New Roman intolerance. When they see it, they break out into silly comments.
Anyway, I gotta say, this laundry hamper is just about as bitchin as a laundry hamper can be, if I do say so myself, and cost less than 20 bucks to make, so take that, Pottery Barn, with your adorably overpriced home accessories. You got nothin.


  1. Katie! You are the anarchist hero of the design/craft/obsessed guild of the interwebz! This is awesome.
    Anyone else drinking sangria before 6pm on a Monday while reading blogs?? anyone....?

  2. I am a new fan of your blog and I literally laughed out loud, when I read, "total Times New Roman intolerance." If the biggest problem I have today is a blog re-design and a font I don't like... then I am going to go ahead and say that it was a pretty good day :)

    Can't wait to see the hamper tutorial. I need a new one!

  3. You make me laugh out loud!!

  4. rofl..I love it!! ingenious concept..tutorial


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