I'm in the Mood for a DIY Mood Board

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If you're like me and all the cleaning/organizing posts all over the web are making you feel uncomfortable and guilty, especially when you sort of semi work for one of those websites and they're all "hey, this month let's focus on cleaning and fresh starts and organizing!" and you're all, "can I just watch reality tv reruns a little longer before I have to start cleaning up the holiday clutter?", then you may need a little inspiration to get you inspired. I'm cracking up as I write that. I'm so effing burned out on inspiration right now and top 10 this and 50 ways to that. Everybody's an effing expert these days, huh? Isn't it obnoxious?
On that note, why don't I show you how to make an awesome DIY mood board out of a thrift store picture frame and a broken lamp? Yes, I see the irony in writing tutorials when I'm burned out on the whole world of tutorial DIY craft blogging. I'm Gen X. I wrote the book on irony. Double irony.
So make yourself one of these mood boards because it really is fun and easy and sometimes I just can't even get motivated to click over to some dumb website with a thousand pretty pictures. This is a perfect cleaning and organizing project for procrastinators.
First, you need an old picture frame and a junk lamp. Make sure the frame is solid wood and sturdy (you don't need the glass) and that the base of the lamp unscrews. Pick off all the paper and staples and nails from the frame and untwist the lamp base from the lamp. Just snip the cord with scissors to get it all apart.
Now cut a little piece of dowel and drill small holes in both ends.
You need a long skinny screw and a washer to keep the screw from slipping through the hole in the lamp base. Stick the screw and washer up through the bottom of the lamp base and screw that bit of dowel onto the top.

Now the dowel is attached to the base.
Did you notice that this is a different lamp and frame than the mood board in the first photo? Yes, I've made lots of these now. Anything to keep from having to take down the Christmas tree. Ok, back to work. Drill a very tiny hole through the frame like this.
And screw the frame onto the dowel.
And add some eyes and wires. And spray paint it.
Now clip all your hopes, dreams, and desires to it. You're done! So make some more! One for every room of the house. One to hang your jewelry on, too. And now you can actually begin the planning process of how you will get inspired to organize your life for the new year, a project you couldn't possibly have accomplished without first building a mood board.


  1. I LOVE this idea. This would be immensely helpful to me as I sort out all my inspirations. Thanks!

    Also, I wanted to let you know that I gave you an award over on my blog. The original award had rules attached but I've kinda pushed those aside so that there were no strings attached. It's just an award for you and your blog because you're awesome. :)

  2. Ah, you nailed it. that's just how I feel. carry on, world. I wanted to yank all the brightly colored Tupperware bins off of the shelves today at Target. and then shout "organize that!"

  3. omgoodness my little apartment is so crammed diy projects...but i can definitely see an excuse for a new jewelry stand :)

  4. Even though I just happen to have a broken lamp, a picture frame without glass, and some eyes and wires sitting on my desk under a giant pile of DIY rubble, I am not going to make one of these. Do not make me do it. I am going to watch TV. Does it have to be January already?

  5. I FREAKING love you and your witty antics!!! Thank you sista, you have made my day plus motivated my rear all in one. My husband will be so thankful I am sure. Happy Monday! :) xo

  6. I love the fact that you have Ab-Fab on this mood board! :D

  7. Love this post and your writing style. Thanks for all the great ideas, and the excuse to procrastinate.

  8. Really like this, and even in my noob state, I think I could do this. But I need more information, noobie that I am....

    What size eye screws? and is this picture wire?
    And did you have to drill to start the holes for the screwy eyes? AND...
    If I have a shiny brassy or chrome-y lamp base like this one, what do you recommend I prime that with before painting.
    Hmm. Quite needy, aren't I?
    This is a rather old post, but if you happen to get this series of questions, and then happen to answer it -- THANK YOU!


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