Wire hamper tutorial

I thought I posted this yesterday, but I guess I didn't which means I'm losing my mind. Evidently I posted a title with nothing in the body of the post. Well. Let's try that again. The wire hamper tutorial is up over at Apartment Therapy so head on over there to get all the steps.
It's easier to make than it looks. And more importantly...
...it looks really good when it's done. Much better than the plastic Rubbermaid things or the brown nylon things at Target which is all I could afford otherwise.


  1. I juste love it!
    Did you use plain round wood or plant stand? I am thinking to do the same with the IKEA's LANTLIV plant stand on wheels. What do you think?

  2. Hi Katie. I don't blog anymore and that makes me sad.
    I see many of your diys and ideas taken on other sites with no credits for you, so bad. Hope it is not the reason why you don't blog.
    see: http://atilio.metromode.se/2015/08/18/diy-tvattkorg-2/ agh...!!!


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