Happy Reverse Birthday!

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It's my birthday tomorrow, so to say thank you for reading my blog, for all your nice comments, and to also say I'm very sorry for all the convos from my etsy shop that I never get around to returning because I read them and then start thinking about what to make for dinner and then the cat throws up and then I need something at the store and I feel totally overwhelmed because, like Francine from American Dad, "It's not a lot but I can't handle very much", I would like to share with you guys my seahorse pillow pattern. Remember it? I love this thing, I gotta say. The instructions may seem a little confusing at first, but just hang on and look at that finished picture a lot and it will all make sense. Here's another I made in velvet.
It's really only 2 pieces of fabric that you stitch together, so it's quite easy once you get those little folds done. And, really, thank you for all the comments you leave. They make me feel so appreciated. I've yet to receive a nasty, Apartment Therapy-esque comment here on the old blog, which is nice.


  1. first off..happy birthday and enjoy your day! and secondly, thank you thank you..those are so cute :)

  2. Happy birthday! I wish I could sew properly, so I could make myself one of those lovelies.

    PS I love the Apartment Therapy-esque comment bit too. What's up with those people?

  3. I <3 this seahorse!!! Thanks for the pattern, and happy birthday!

  4. Wow, that is a beautiful seahorse, let's see if I can get around to sew it...

    Happy birthday!!!

  5. HI!! its so cute!! but the link not found! Please check!

  6. This is beautiful! Sadly the pattern doesn't seem to work anymore. Are you able to fix it? I would love to make this for my son.

  7. I adore this seahorse but the link says the page is no longer available:( How can I get the pattern???

  8. Oh were's the tutorial?
    I've found it à year ago but didn't registered it...and now it's nomore available.
    Can You give it to me please?

  9. The sea horse is adorable. I could not upload the pattern. I have a design similar, but your sewing is much more professional!!!

  10. Oh, I love this seahorse. Unfortunately the pattern is no longer available.

  11. Hi Katie,

    Unfortunately the link to your pattern does not work anymore, is there a possibility to receive it anyhow?

    Thank you!

  12. It was moved to Etsy - https://www.etsy.com/listing/61895237/sealife-pillow-patterns-pdf-personal-use

  13. This is beautiful. Would love the pattern if there is still a way to get it.
    The link to Etsy does not work either.
    Thank you

  14. Where can I buy this gorgeous seahorse? Desperate to get one for my baby boy who arrives in November!


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