So how is Katie doing?

I just wanted to apologize for posting so many tutorials lately and not talking about myself more, which I know is what you come to this blog for. So how is the woman behind the drill? Behind the duct tape and glue gun? Eww that sounds awful. Well, I'll tell you, I've had rotten pms. And the funny thing about pms is that I never realize I have it until I wake up the morning it has lifted and see the to do list I made the prior day and it says "1. File for divorce" because at the time it made sense to end a marriage to wonderful father and loving husband because he slurps his coffee. 

I find a healthy lunch helps, though. 

And in other good news, I'm almost done painting all the balusters. Did I mention I'm painting all the balusters? It's the most tedious thing I've ever done. I can't wait to show some before and after pictures! And, more good news, I just heard a few days ago from my sweet friend who is a PR rep for the Novogratzes that Bob and Cortney are partnering with CB2 on a line of home decor. Eeee! Can't wait to see the goods! 

And, guys, since we're talking, I think you should be the first to know that my sequestering in Rochester, MN will be coming to an end sooner rather than later. (When I typed "CB2" and remembered that I can't go to Crate and Barrel because I live in the middle of nowhere, I remembered that bit of info). Where will Matsutake Heavy Industries set up our next headquarters? We don't know yet, but we discuss it every single day. Will it be a big city? On a coast? In Texas? How will the kids adjust? Will I have to start shaving my legs again? We just don't know yet. 


  1. I miss you already, Katie!

  2. Goodness I love your blog. Thank you! Just what I needed today! xo

  3. I always love what you have to say!!

  4. No mention of Ms. Norwood. How will she adjust?

  5. PMS is the pits... it turns me into a rotten troll... I am glad you didn't act on your to-do list... and your lunch looks well-balanced with caffeine and chocolate.

  6. I love the "will I have to shave my legs?" comment. My husband and I lived in the Netherlands for a bit. When we left to return to the US, he said "Does this mean you will start shaving your legs again?" in a hopeful voice.

    I said yes. And it was just starting to get soft and non-prickly.

  7. For some reason, I decided to really explore your blog today - knew about it, but it's the first time I really looked at it. And I didn't read this first, I read past posts first. In no particular order. And it was good. And funny. I'm not even a crafter and I loved to read about your crafts. Although I do like to color, so who knows what may be next. And that's a good thought to keep me going through the day. Thanks for writing!

  8. Canada is very nice. Maybe you want to do a stint up here? It's not a freezing and snow-laden, I swear. I'll understand if you've had enough of the north though...

  9. Found you from a list of resources for the 2012 collaborate summer library program manual....I'm poor at computer things, but my mouth dropped open
    at your candidness(sp?) Wow! please, let me rub up against your arm!
    please let that creative-ness be "catchable'!
    Would love to watch your brain work!
    As far as relocating, I live in Driggs, ID where there is a lot of snow
    and negative degree weather and very small. It is so mind-boggling that we humans are such tiny ants and have no power over the elements. (Wow, He is a big God!)
    Anyways....How about Las Vegas? Used to live in Henderson,(next to LV) and again the elements are so in control.
    Just wanted to introduce myself and tell you "You are cool!"


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