Red Doors and Khloe Kardashian

Did you see the pretty post that my co-contributor pal, Regina, wrote up at Apartment Therapy about red front doors? I've been contemplating a red front door lately, so the discussion was quite timely, and I immediately thought, "Oh, I've got to email this to Jon." Then I realized that he wasn't at work. He's upstairs asleep. And that freaked me out. I don't even know where he is, but I assume he's at the hospital.

And last night I found the one person on tv that I think I most relate to. Khloe Kardashian. And do you not think that completely made me lose my mind? It did. I am nothing like her, and yet, seeing her trying to be supportive of a husband who has a grueling career that consumes him emotionally and physically and yet needing support herself because she has been uprooted to a town away from her own support system where she knows nobody? That's me. In a nutshell. I sat right on the living room floor last night about 5 inches from the tv watching her deal with her husband's ups and downs and he's too drained to give anything back emotionally. Of course, her sister can fly in and go shopping with her and that helps to distract her. She has Kim. I have crafts.

The door in that picture up there is from the Minnesota zoo where we took the kids last week. Funny, huh? Maybe I'll mount an Asian Wild Dog sign above my front door.

PS Thanks for listening. You all deserve a big Shiny Hair Award.


  1. Here I've been going to therapy and I could have just been watching the Kardashians? This is gonna save me so much cash for crafts.

  2. I wish I lived closed by, I'd ask you out for coffee.
    All my warmest wishes,


    PS I can never remember my blog name otherwise I would have put that down.

  3. I love red front doors! I think we are going to paint ours red with our impending repainting of the outside of the house.

    Would you mount that sign as a warning to those who might be thinking of trespassing or merely to identify yourself?


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