My Dresser Makeover with Mason Jar Lids

When I was little I used to occasionally watch Family Affair. Remember that show? Uncle Bill and Mr. French? They lived in a NYC high rise apartment that I thought was the most exotic thing in the world. I can hazily remember the front door. It was red and had a huge circular backplate door knob thing. I wish I could find a picture of it somewhere. It lodged in my 4-year old brain as the height of glamour. And I'd bet you money that Jonathan Adler watched that show, too.

Fast forward several decades to my new Target dresser that totally needed something. Some kind of fancy, mid-century modish upgrade. Some knobs. With huge circular backplates! But how? Where? Here's the answer:
Mason jar lids. Just the insert part. Wide mouth.
Scuffed them with some extra fine grit sandpaper. Drilled a hole in the middle.
Spray painted them.
I got some super cheapy knobs and scuffed and spray painted them, too, you know, so they'd match exactly.
So are you ready??!
Not bad for how little I spent!
I love how it actually looks a little bit recessed.
Mason jar lids! Who knew they could be mid-century mod?


  1. I too watched Family Affair and thought living in a high-rise would be thrilling...what is embedded in my mind was the terrace (that was not a balcony it was too big!). I faintly remember the front door.
    Your dresser looks awesome...classy, 60's, scandinavian.

  2. I loved that show! Your idea for the lids is super - thanks for sharing. ~Ann

  3. I like it and may try to copy, hope you don't mind ;)
    It makes me think about small lids that come with cake icings. I don't live in US, so cannot check, but I remember of having that kind of lids on top of small plastic jars, Ph... brand. Am I right?
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Very clever, and great style pay-off! HOw does the spray paint hold up on the knobs?

  5. I Love your postings, they get me laughing every time. Funny and brilliant.

  6. Katie, THANK YOU!!! I adore the seahorse pillow! My youngest daughter has now spread her wings and has her first apartment, and wishes to decorate it in sea life. She loved my bathroom in the place we just moved out of, as I had it totally in sea shells and corals. I took her for spring break to Florida one year about 3 yrs ago, and she went crazy over everything there. Poor Wisconsin native that she is. I wish you could have seen her running around the court yard of the hotel, trying to catch the lizards or salamanders or what ever they are called. Mind you, this is a rough tough tom boy, that loves her lace too! LOL Well, you can imagine how excited I became when I found the seahorse pillow! Now, I am writing to ask you if you have a pattern for the coral pillow? And how did you get the little circles all over it? I have an idea how you did, but not positive. I would love to make some of these for her apartment out of soft velvet/velour fabric and surprise her. Again, thank you for the seahorse, and look forward to your answer regarding a pattern for the coral. Judi in central Wisconsin.

  7. Hi Katie, I just discovered your blog and I love it! I'm a fellow Minnesotan and am curious as to how you titled your blog "matsutake" (as in Japanese mushroom??). You've probably already explained it but I haven't read all of your posts yet.

  8. I watched Back to the Future the other day and in one of the scenes they have doorknobs just like this - but in gold. I totally thought of you!

  9. Which dresser is this from Target? I'd love to make this! (P.S - How has the dresser held up? Had some issues with Target dressers in the past.)

  10. I can clearly picture the red door!


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