Why I'm Matsutake

A commenter, Joan T, asked me why I named my blog matsutake. Good question! I've never actually explained it. Well, to make a short story long, one day I decided to open an etsy shop, and if you've ever done this, then you know it's all about emails and accounts and paypals and brand and banners and kaBAM you need a name, one unifying name that ties in all that stuff. And then when you pick one, it's always already taken, even back in 2007 when I opened my etsy shop. So I was reading some of my favorite blogs on that day while I was frustrated and trying to come up with an original name. And I read this post  by then literary agent/now childrens book author/reality tv fan/all around interesting guy, Nathan Bransford. Funny that his post is dated Sept 20, 2007 and my shop opened Sept 21, 2007.


Because digging through etsy and the internet for the good stuff is a lot like digging through the detritus on the forest floor for that valuable little mushroom.


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