Apartment Therapy Commenters: It Just Doesn't Matter

When I posted my mason jar lid dresser knobs a couple of weeks ago at Apartment Therapy, the one comment that stood out among all the "you ruined the dresser" and "I liked it better before" and "you ran over my dog" and "you have spinach in your teeth" was this one from a commenter named Fromage:

My only critical comment (don't hate me!) is that I think after doing such an amazing job on the dresser, you need a bigger mirror over it. I think the mirror is too small and detracts from your excellent DIY.

Ouch. It hurts because it's TRUE! Out of all the comments, that was the one that made me fall to my knees like Bill Murray in Meatballs.
It just doesn't matter. It just doesn't matter if we win or lose because all the really good looking girls will still go out with a guy from Mohawk cuz they got all the money. It just doesn't matter!
And even if I turn a Target dresser into something that looks mid-century modern using readily available 50 cent household items, it just doesn't matter because an Apartment Therapy commenter will just tell you your mirror is too small.

And even if you figure out a way to make a really really big mirror
from the base of a broken crib
and $4 worth of craft foam
and spray paint
that's so shiny and mod that Jonathan Adler would have to shield his happy chic eyes
 and is so covered with Greek keys that Aristotle Onasis would turn turn over in his grave
all for under $15
it still wouldn't matter because some other Apartment Therapy commenter will still like it better before. It just doesn't matter. It just doesn't matter.


  1. but that's still the coolest mod lamp on the planet...

  2. The mirror looks great! I don't know how you contribute over at AT; I can't even read the comments because, unless all you did was refinish a wood piece to look exactly like it looked in 1973, the majority of commenters are going to hate it. For a positive comment: I like the mirror and the dresser. Bravo!

  3. Ha! Love this, and the great job you did on both DIY's by the way.

    I struggle with the same issue, and brace myself before reading comments. Sometimes I've altogether not read them, like on my last home tour, because I'm scared of them wrecking my confidence.

    I guess I should just take the approach of this quote from 'The Help' but sometimes I'm just not sure my stomach is ready for it...

    "You gone have to ask yourself, Am I gone believe what [they] say about me today?"

    1. Ah, that quote is perfect. Thanks, Chris. Your tours, by the way, are exquisite. Amazing photography. They totally make me homesick for Austin.

      And the commenters, yeah, it's like repeatedly climbing into a dunking booth, like ok, take your best shot!

    2. Thanks Katie! Definitely appreciate the love.

      BTW, the [they] in 'The Help' quote is actually "them fools" which is what really makes it special. I was just playing nice.

  4. Thanks, guys. I have to post stuff here for the positive comments I get from you lovely people. I delete the others. Hahaha.

  5. Lol! You are so clever! I, for one, thought your dresser makeover was very classy & subtle. :) The mirror is lovely too, that foam pattern idea is awesome!

  6. Katie, please explain the "base of broken crib " part.
    Love the both DIYs.

    1. It's the base from my daughter's crib that has been in the garage forever. It's a drop rail so I can't donate/sell it. It's the sheet of mdf that lines the bottom of the crib, if that makes sense, like right under the mattress.

    2. thank you Katie. I didn't see what originally it was. And I have to correct me, I love all three of DIY : the dresser, the mirror and, of course, the lampshade. Bravo.

  7. Sweetheart, don't pay any attention to what anyone else has to say. YOU know your project is awesome and I know it and anyone else who DIYs knows how much thought, time and attention goes into our projects. Those other people haven't got a clue.

    Your mirror and dresser are gorgeous. Enjoy them because you created them yourself and you love them. That's all that matters.


  8. I think the mirror you just created is so, so creative. Great job, super re-purposing.

    I enjoy reading a lot of posts written by very imaginative people. I have no problem posting a compliment but I often won't offer my opinion if it isn't positive and sometimes, I think that is so phoney. There have been times when I have wanted to be honest and voice a different outlook but the blogging world doesn't seem to like it. (I'm not talking about rude and hurtful comments either, just a "no, don't like it, it looked better before, etc.")
    If someone is being unkind, that is THEIR problem. You must be pretty confident to create, photo and post. How do you feel about honest feedback?

  9. I think you're a genius -- a damn crafting genius. You blow me away all the time!
    Mason jar drawer pulls?? COME ON!!

  10. Haha. I just found your blog a few days ago and it has been making me happy ever since. It is such a nice dose of calm and relaxed and real in the midst of all of us home creators trying so hard to be professionals. Your work definitely looks professional. And you definitely seem like a pro. I just find the way you talk about it so refreshing. :)

  11. Ah, Katie, this was the best post ever. You know I feel you with the commenters. What is with those trolls? Sheesh!

    You are the best.

  12. Oh, you're fabulous! It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there, being open to all kinds of comments! Keep "being YOU"!

  13. Sure,Mohawk has beaten us twelve years in a row. Sure, they’re terrific athletes. They’ve got the best equipment that money can buy. Hell, every team they’re sending over here has their own personal masseuse. Not masseur. Masseuse. But, it doesn’t matter. Do you know that every Mohawk competitor has electrocardiogram, blood and urine tests every forty-eight hours to see if there’s any change in his physical condition? Do you know that they use the most sophisticated training methods from the Soviet Union, East and West Germany, and the newest Olympic power, Trinidad Tobago? But, it doesn’t matter. It just doesn’t matter. It just doesn’t matter! I tell you it just doesn’t matter! It just doesn’t matter!

  14. You are so funny. And you are so creative. I love reading your blog and looking at the happy pictures of all the cool stuff you do. I have a love/hate relationship with apt. therapy myself - I wish them well! Whatever you do, you are alright.

  15. And in the end, it does not matter what any of us think.
    YOU have to live with the stuff. YOU (and your family) have to like it.
    Who cares for the trolls? they live in caves, themselves!

    (Personally, I totally love your style and approach, and craftiness, and the way I get to observe how you slowly but steadily transform a room, piece by piece...keep going!)

  16. I just had to comment to let me know how amazing your blog is. I found you through Apartment Therapy when they featured your Mad Men swag light.

    Not only are you insanely creative, but your commentary makes me crack up! I love your spirit and realness.

    And I've always had a problem with AT comments - not the polite critiques, but when people are like "YUCK!". Um, hello? You're talking about someone's house - a real human being's house! Someone with, you know, feelings! Who bravely featured their house on the cold unfeeling internet!

  17. I think it is amazing. I love what you have done and I hope that you just ignore the negative comments and realise that maybe jealousy is bit of an issue,

    I wish I was half as clever as you!

  18. You know, I've always found that a little bizarre about AT. There seems to be more negativity in the comments than support. It's not something I've noticed quite as much on other blogs. I'm not sure if it is because the content is so diverse (as opposed to being limited to a single - or few - bloggers' ideas and style) or if it is a cultural thing that has developed. But I don't like reading the comments and it's not even my stuff being criticised!

  19. AT is bitchariffic, and full of people who never have sex. So carry on.


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