APB: Judith Norwood

Missing since: Last night
Last seen: In the kitchen pantry
Wearing: Oleg Cassini sheath dress, Ferragamos (four), and a fur coat (in the summer)
Frequently seen at: Bergdorfs, The Zodiac Room, Emma's closet, sometimes the dryer
May be driving: buttercream colored Lincoln

I'm going to call the Waldorf Astoria to see if she checked in. If you guys see her, please let me know.


  1. Any chance she would have hopped the red-eye to Maui? We are vacationing in Maui and I'm quite certain I caught a glimpse of her. She was wearing Dior retro sunglasses so I can't be sure it was her. She was on the arm of Mr. Euro Trash himself. I called her name and thought I saw her ears twitch, but she refused to look my way.

  2. You know your life is boring when you read of her escapades...

  3. That Lincoln cut me off this morning on I-65; I think she took the Church St. exit -- does she have friends in the recording industry?


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