My DIY Mad Men Swag Light

I feel like I've been working on my DIY Mad Men swag light forever. Is it still 1966? Whew! Well, my mad friends, it's done. Want to see it? First, the inspiration. Don Draper's swinging apartment:
And now mine:
A little lighter? Brighter? Yes? Here it is in my swinging apartment, er, I mean my Minnesota split level:
As you can see, the whole problem was that, much like Don Draper, I have a very dark corner in my life.
But not anymore! You see, Don and I are opportunists. I couldn't find a light I liked that I could afford, so I made one. He, well, he just basically does whatever the f*** he wants. I get it. We seize opportunity. And I already had all that burlap on hand. It was meant to be. Here are the details:
I brushed Mod Podge onto the burlap to stiffen it and to keep the edges from unraveling. Then I cut lots of rectangles.
And stitched them into tube shapes.
I think this is where I took a brief hiatus and started working on the deck. Like when Don took off to California. But we both came back and got down to business again.
A swag kit. Spider fitters (2 of them). A pair of curtain rod finials from Lowes ($11).
More stitching.
Some forced creativity with electrical wires.
Some, uh, screwing. Oh sure, it's fine when Don does it!
A socket. Where'd that donkey come from? Can't you hear Roger Sterling saying that after a bender?
And I'm out like Don Draper at 5 o'clock.


  1. Unreal. I knew you'd do it! Love it and love the color choice! ps-you're hilarious.

  2. Okay, I was attempting to create a drum shade from scratch a few months ago and I couldn't FIND where to get lamp shade rings (spider fitters). Every place I looked online, the shipping made the price not worth the hassle. Did you buy them locally or have a super secret online source?

  3. Great idea! Do you know if they have swag kits for multiple bulbs? I too, like you and Don, have a dark corner that needs illumination, but one bulb simply won't cut it.

  4. Katie - it's awesome!

    I'm inspired to make one out of natural burlap for the nursery/guestroom!

    seriously impressive!

  5. OMG I am so doing this! you are super super talented! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  6. BAHBHAHAAAAAA! Love the snarky commentary! Roger Sterling would totally say that. Awesome light too btw.


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