The Tale of the Norwood

She is like a Dr. Suess character with that ridiculous tail, only not a wise one like the Lorax. More like Marvin K. Mooney, as in, Marvin K. Mooney will you please get off my cushions NOW. I guess I'm just happy that we're on speaking terms again, though. I left her out all night in the rain, and she tried to make me feel soooo guilty the next morning. "Ms. Norwood," I said, "if you were out in the yard in the rain all night, then how were you tweeting from the Waldorf Astoria?" She's been nice all day since that exchange. Clearly she still has some assets of which I am unaware.

These cushions are being pieced together to form one large cushion to fit on the outdoor sofa I'm building. She is helping me as you can see. She may be spending a lot of time on that outdoor sofa.

Waiting for Jon to fall asleep so I can get some Fathers Day business done. He's busy giving Emma a lecture on the evolution of punk rock, and they're only up to The Runaways. This may take a while.

Oh, do you want to see the DIY iphone tripod I made? I had a cheap tripod with no way to stick my iphone on it, so I made this. Cost me about 15 cents.

Will there be videos coming soon? I'm not sure yet. But my highly artistic daughter already made a stop motion animation film entitled "Suicidal Blueberry" shot on location in the kitchen.


  1. I can't tell you how delighted I am to see the return of Ms. Norwood. She has been missed, in spite of her, shall we say, cattitude.

    Perhaps,at a future date, Ms. Norwood and Mr. Thug could meet for a blind date. Though he is from the streets, Mr. Thug knows how to show a lady a good time. He is adept at catching all manner of insects, and enjoys these exotic delicacies. To introduce a lady such as Ms. Norwood to the epicurean delight of a scorpion would be the highlight of his day (or hour depending on his attention span at that moment).

    Karen and Mr.Thug

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  3. I want to see this suicidal blueberry video.


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