Two Flower Pots and a Pizza Pan

You can only look at those amazing, sculptural outdoor side tables at West Elm so long before you realize, hey, that's just 2 flower pots. And then if you add a 98 cent pizza pan from Walmart to the top you've created your own fabulous DIY outdoor table.

And if you found the pots on sale at a local gardening store for $6 each, then you've only spent $13 (plus a can of high gloss tomato red spray paint)! 

PS Did you read the title to the tune of the Beck song? 


  1. Gorgeous! Did you use anything to keep the two pots together? Nuts and bolts? Gorilla Glue? Sheer force of will?

  2. Thank you! It's just stacked up. The pots are super heavy so it just sits there.

  3. You are so crafty it makes me sick!!! I mean that in the most flattering way. :)

  4. Holy genius! I just figured out what I'm doing this weekend!

  5. So clever, so cool. You are the uber-diyer.

  6. Sharing on my site. Love this, saw it on Pinterest.


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