What Color to Paint a Toy Lawnmower?

I made this wooden lawnmower for Maggie, and she really wants me to paint it pink. I wrote about my quandary over at Apartment Therapy. It's about half painted now, and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

The top circle turns when you push it and those wood beads hanging down bonk against the little dowels and it makes a thumping motor sound. Pink? Ehhh. I wanted it to be red and black.


  1. Why not let her paint it? I would love to see what she could come up with!

  2. Why not pink? There are a lot of shades of pink...choose ones you could live with (it is a toy after all!) and then let her choose one of your choices. Black would go with it. Red could even show up depending on the pink chosen (and chosen where it will be).

    I'm impressed with it being handcrafted, it looks so interesting and much more fun than the plastic ones. Kudos on your work!

  3. What about a compromise - a lovely palette with pink in it? Like so:



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