The First Halloween Craft of 2012

Matchbox poppers! Am I jumping the gun? I think I am because I went into Michaels yesterday, and they didn't even have the Martha Stewart Halloween stuff out yet. So yeah. I've crossed over into a weird place where I'll soon be wearing Christmas cardigans and lots of hairspray. Onto the craft!
It's a matchbox popper! You just decorate little matchboxes any way you like. Channel your inner scrapbooker. Stickers, glitter, Mod Podge. Maybe your inner scrapbooker isn't buried too deep. Mine is. Paper punches and stamps mystify me. But I did totally get into this. I rubbed the boxes with a damp paper towel dipped in paint to do the antiquing part. Not bad for a non-scrapper.
Hot glue a little ball or button or some sort of knob on the front. I actually went out and bought my first glue gun for this project, and it has changed my life. Ms. Norwood, bring me my Christmas cardigan!
Now here's where you put the function into the fun. Find some old ball point pens that are out of ink and take the spring out. Hot glue the spring just inside the box bottom like this. And then hot glue various little creatures, stickers, fake bugs onto the top of the spring. I used a fake spider and craft foam stickers in the shape of a cat and a ghost.
Halloween hilarity ensues.
It's also funny to add a little glitter or confetti inside the box because it all shoots out everywhere. And, yes, I will be making these for every holiday from now on.


  1. Your first glue gun? As your assistant, I would say Ms. Norwood has fallen short in her assisting duties, cardigan fetching aside. Perhaps her duties as an assistant does not include keeping your office well-stocked?

    I blow dryer works wonders in getting rid of the little hot glue strings that seem to end up everywhere. "You know how to get rid of glue strings, dontcha Steve? You just point and blow."

  2. How fun are these! Let me know if you want me to send you some Hween supplies for your crafting pleasure. -heather

  3. These are just adorable!!! I love them!

  4. Oh these are adorable and I am sooooo going to make them!! Thank you so much for the fantastic idea!

  5. Love it and will make those.
    Funny aside: Recently decided to do a craft that required matchboxes and I looked all over hell and half of Georgia (which was hard because I was in CT) and couldn't find the small ones anywhere. Do you have a secret supplier?

  6. Angie I got the matches at target (up at the very front of the store by ice machines) I think it was like 97 cents for a 10 pack of little boxes.

  7. Thanks, Katie. I knew they had to be somewhere obvious.

  8. this is a good idea. i like the use of springs

  9. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    no words

  10. Wonderful that you share your happiness and creativity. Thank you.

    Happy thoughts,


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