Tangram Magnets with Consumer Crafts!

Are you in the mood to make some super easy, graphic wall art? Me too! Have you heard of tangrams? It's a really fun, ancient Chinese puzzle that's basically a square cut into seven shapes that you rearrange into pictures. So I figured it would be fun to make them with magnets so you can switch up the outcomes. Like this! You can google "tangram" and see how many cool shapes you can create. Like tons.

So I was lucky enough to get some freebie supplies from a really cool new online craft supply company called ConsumerCrafts.com. Their prices are awesome, and the shipping was nosebleed fast. Check them out. I bought a 12x24 inch sheet magnet and pretty cardstock. The only other thing you need is a frame! 
Cut a square out of the cardstock. Mine is 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches, which seemed to fit into the 8x10 frame pretty well. 
Now cut the square into the tangram pieces. Google will give you a million templates if you need one. 
And then cut a square out of the sheet magnet that is a bit bigger than your cardstock tangram. 
Peel the backing off the magnet and stick all the cardstock pieces on. 
And carefully trim around the edges. 
Now cut a big piece of the sheet magnet, peel off the backing, and lay the glass from your frame onto the sticky side of the magnet. If you foresee little kids playing with this, then substitute a piece of cardboard for the glass.
Insert the magnet into frame so that the glass (or cardboard) is facing the back and the magnetic side is facing front. 
And go to town rearranging the tangram pieces into cool shapes! I think this little fox is my favorite. 
So anyway, be sure to check out Consumer Crafts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or the Crafts Unleashed Blog. I really did enjoy working with them, and the prices made me happy! They're also running a "refer a friend" contest. Click the graphic below for details on how you can win!

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