DIY Mod Metallic Glass Candleholders

I was thinking about stuff to make for Christmas, and do you remember when Charlie Brown went to pick out a tree and he saw all those crazy pink and orange fake trees? I loved those trees as a kid. So I had crazy metallic fuchsia on the brain, and I got obsessed with how to make a really REALLY metallic looking surface on an object, and here's what I came up with. You start with clear glass candle holders, bowls, glasses, whatever. Super cheap, right?
Then you get some aluminum foil tape. It's at Home Depot or Lowes. I think it was about 10 bucks for a huge roll that I hardly put a dent in. I still have a ton left. And get some Sharpies.
And you cut off a length of the tape a few inches long. And then rip smaller pieces off and line the inside of the glass with them. Overlap the edges and burnish like crazy with a plastic spoon. Or your fingernail.
It's hard to tell from these pics but both sides of the tape are super shiny. 
Then color the outside of the glass with a Sharpie. 
I stacked my glass pieces and stuck them with silicone adhesive to make funky mod shapes. Aren't they funny? And the inside is really reflective when you put a lit candle inside. You have to try it. It's so fun!


  1. GORGEOUS! Did you have to heat set the Sharpie or is it smudge-proof as is?

    1. Thank you!!! Once the Sharpie ink dries it's really smudge-proof. You can pick it up and it won't rub off at all. But it will scratch off if you try to scratch it off. I was messing around with a test one and wanted to wash off all the sharpie and start over and it was a pain to get all the sharpie ink off. It was like picking off nail polish. I wonder if you could spray high gloss polyurethane to really protect it...probably so.

  2. very cool!! If my kids weren't asleep I'd run out and get stuff to make them right now!!!

  3. This is really cool! This would be great for making Christmas trees that I collect! Love it!

  4. Great idea! I wanna try this as soon as possible :)

  5. These are beautiful. You are very artsy!

  6. So awesome! I have to try this!

  7. This is fantastic! Thrift store & hardware store, here I come! Thank you for sharing.


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