Don't Say It, Spray It!

Thank you. Thanks for the sweet comments you guys left about Ms. Norwood. It made me laugh how well you guys obviously understood her. She will definitely be missed, but it was definitely her time to go. And now enough with this being morose silliness. She wouldn't have wanted that. She would want me to blaze onward. In supportive undergarments. So I'm cinching up my girdle and painting the cabinets! Ugh. I've totally Tom Sawyered myself with this project. My kitchen is officially semi-offline now and I've got this big, loud air compressor that I have to figure out how to work while I'm trying to keep 3 kids and a husband fed without knowing where I put the forks and cups. Better cinch that girdle in another inch. Onward through the funk!


  1. It will be so worth it when you're done.....forge ahead! Donna

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  3. Hi Katie - Please blog more often. I keep checking for kitchen updates - I'm dying to see what awesomesauce you've created!


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