That's the Kind of Mom I am

Austin, TX 1999

Things I've actually said:

Ethan:  Mom, I'm gonna get yelled at for being late to soccer practice.
Katie: Tell the coach your mom got lost. Am I supposed to turn here?! Is this the turn? Oh crap, I wasn't supposed to turn here. See, Ethan? We are lost!

Other mom: Who was your daughter's third grade teacher?
Katie: Uhhhhhh......third grade....she's in....uhhhh.....fourth grade now, no, fifth, well, just started fifth, so third grade was last year....uhhhhh.....

Other parent at vending machine after daughter's ballet class: Do you know that has caffeine in it?
Katie: I know! And doesn't say "Sun kist" actually says "Sin Kissed"...Sin Kissed! Here you go, Emma!

Nurse checking in at pediatrician's office: And when was your daughter born?
Katie: Uhhhh...February...11th?
Nurse: 12th.
Katie: Two thousand...uhhh....
Nurse: Two thousand nine.
Katie: Right.

Katie on phone with nurse three days after dental surgery: I've had Vicodin waiting for me at the pharmacy for three days? Why didn't anyone tell me?
Nurse: The surgeon probably told you about it while you were sedated and you don't remember.
Katie: I. Remember. EVERYTHING!!!!


  1. Nothing like telling you something while sedated and expecting you to a) hear it b) remember you heard it. That's what paper is for.

    Me to store clerk: where's the washroom?
    Clerk: it's right over there
    Me: like by the big sign with "washroom" in big letters?

    Great photo! Love the hair sticking up (static?). Baby's not yours.


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