I Found My Dream House

in the Target catalog. Really. This is my dream house. Let's take a look inside...
at my kitchen. It has gleaming white subway tiles, a library ladder for climbing up to reach my Chewy Dips granola bars that I keep hidden from the kids, and a chunky wood island that gives me additional storage for my deer treats and extra seating for any wildlife that stumbles in through that large hole in the wall. See me arranging snacks for the wildlife? I'll take that $49.99 stool, too. GAWD I love this kitchen. 
And here is my living room. Isn't it PERFECT? I want everything in this room. Including the blossoming cherry tree that I'm pretending to sleep under so that blue jay won't peck my eyes out. 
My bedroom is a retreat for me and my photoshopped birds. Someday my prince will come! I already bought him some moccasins.
There's even a greenhouse that's been converted to a guest bath. For swans. I loooove swans. Convert the greenhouse and they will come. 

So if I can only find this exact house in Baltimore, I'll be set. (No jokes about The Wire, please.) 


  1. Love the blossoming cherry tree...such a relaxing living room. The bird would have either go or be fake...I don't want to pretend to nap on the couch I want actually do it!

  2. Love that kitchen! We actually had a deer on our deck just a few days ago. Must have been looking for those snacks you mentioned.
    I just found this site this morning and can't seem to get away! Started reading 10 tips to clean with lemons over at iVillage.com and as they say "One thing led to another" and here I am! I've been busy loving so many of your ideas, I thought that maybe we're sisters. Then I came across your profile and I see that we have the SAME birth date!!! TWINS? LOL!!
    Glad I found you, although between you and Pintrest, I might need an intervention!

  3. Wait! I missed something! Baltimore! That's awesome. Your post cracks me up-reminds me of http://catalogliving.net/!
    So B-more is great! There is a great store there called Trohv. We're in Richmond! Can't wait to hear how the journey goes! Ms. Norwood would have loved the East Coast!

  4. You are seriously funny. Thank you for making me laugh!

  5. Snow white must live there! :-)

  6. You can have the swan and the living room. I'll take the kitchen. ;)

  7. You are just too cute and funny!! Thank you for the giggles.....can't wait to be more amused and inspired by you!! you absolutely ROCK!!! Thank You, Maggie


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