Starting to freak out

about moving across the country. This probably should've been a tweet.


  1. I'm catching up on posts! I've been reading all your DIY adventures! I am frozen from all this snow and winter and icky ice! I blame the weather for everything! But eyes on you again - I have to say that your Before pictures are still better than my house on any given day. When you hand over the keys to the new owners, make sure to tell them that your house is all over AT so they had better think twice before changing anything. And that raccoon typing while Twinkle Twinkle Little Star plays (yes, it's the same tune as ABC) - so clever and so you. My kids loved that video!

    Thinking good thoughts for you for your move and packing and adjusting and quickly pinning down all the best hardware and craft stores in your new neighborhood. I'm almost glad we're not the physically meet-for-coffee type friends because you're going to fire up your computer in your new place and post the funnies and the jaw-dropping DIYs and it will feel like you're still in the same state. Except when you start showing outside-the-window shots of sun-kissed green grass while we're still sloughing through this wretched tundra here. Then I might resent you.. but only a little bit :)

  2. P.S. See- it couldn't have been a tweet because there's no way I could've replied all that in 105 words.

  3. Just had my daily freakout. We should schedule a time to do it together - with chocolate or something!

  4. If you are moving to Los Angeles, you can totally borrow my scroll saw any time you want. Did you already tell us where you are moving to? I can't remember. I think you live in MN, so maybe across the country from you is TX, but I'll keep my fingers crossed for Southern CA...


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