Removing Ceramic Tile from Concrete Slab? Let's Do It!

That's how my husband plans home projects. "Let's do it." No time to waste planning or deliberating or taking off baseboards before he's in destructor mode. I could barely snap a before pic before he had the old green tiles smashed to smithereens.

Turns out removing ceramic tile on concrete slab is a lot harder than popping it off upstairs where it was attached to backer board. So we had to run out to our local tool rental place and get the big guns:
I won't say it was easy, because Jon came upstairs after it was all done (about 20 minutes) and his shirt was soaked through with sweat and he was bleeding from his forehead, neck, and knee. Shards of tile were EVERYWHERE. Look at this:
Can you tell what that is? It's shards of tile stuck in the ceiling like Chinese throwing stars. And the dust? The dust made it all the way upstairs before we figured out to do this:

So messy. He also attacked the green fireplace.
Goodbye green tiles. I'm so excited!! What kind of tile should I replace it with? Look at that shard of tile that popped up into that yellow square candle on the right side of the mantle! So fun!!!

PS You should've seen us at the tool rental place. Jon was on two hours of sleep from a night shift at work. I'd had a breakfast of 3 cups of coffee and 2 spoons of cough syrup. We stumbled in there and were like, "Yeah, we called about the...uh...power hammer smasher thing?"I can't believe they let us leave with it. We hadn't even planned to do this. Just a spur of the moment, "Let's do it!"


  1. Oh Katie! I'll bring you a latte to refuel for the crazy afternoon you are sure to be having tomorrow! I won't waste your time with idle chat, just drop off the fuel so you can get back to power hammer smashing :)

  2. here is my 2 cents... Cuban tile

    if I had a house I'd want it!

    all the best,


    1. Whoa! LOVE the Cuban tile! I had no idea! Gorgeous! Thank you so much for the link.

    2. Have a look at the options ! Many are in stock for quick shipment. Cuban tile (aka Cement tile, aka Encaustic tile) is not inexpensive, but it is a worthy investment in a home. Best wishes on your renovations, Lundy

  3. haha I think our husbands are brothers of different mothers! I'm the prepper type and most of the time I'm barely able to prep before he's right there doing whatever the project is. Sometimes I don't even get to do the prep work!

    Love the spontaneity and the 'just let's get this done' spirit of you two.


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