My Kitchen Before & After

Are you ready? First, some before(ish) pics of the kitchen. I say before(ish) because I can't find before pics that show the light oak flooring and white fridge from a million years ago. So imagine light oak floors and a white fridge, which died a year or two ago and had to be replaced. 

So then I pulled off some of the cabinet doors, used my router to remove the inner wood panel, and replaced them with glass. And all the cabinets got painted (sprayed with a paint gun and compressor) white with a Benjamin Moore something or other paint that works like magic. 
And I popped off the beige ceramic backsplash with a tile scraper to try to preserve the drywall behind it. Then I realized that the drywall was so damaged and dinged that I'd need to replace it anyway. No prob. New glass mosaic tiles. New stainless oven and dishwasher. New countertops that we saved and saved for. Granite. Shiny. And a new big, deep sink. Oh and new light fixtures. There was an old fluorescent box light up there on the ceiling before. 

Finished just in time to move and out and let someone else enjoy it. That built in hutch thingy in the background used to be honey oak, too. It's amazing when you realize that you have the power to change your environment. And then move out. To a brown, dark, temporary apartment in Baltimore. Sigh. 

The Good News: 
We're just about to close on our new house. New home. New projects. Maybe I'll have an energy/humor burst soon. Hopefully. The temporary brown apartment is sucking my will to blog. 


  1. I love how much more open the glass cabinets make the whole space feel. I'm trying to picture it painted and updated but with solid fronts and I just can't! Looks beautiful.


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