Dare Me?

I'm going to start a new feature on my blog called "Dare Me?" wherein I ask readers if they dare me to make something absurdly complicated and nutso with my bare hands. Maybe it will work, maybe I will fail miserably. Maybe I'll change my mind after my coffee wears off.

So...here is the first installment of my new game.
Dare me to make a moorish inspired fountain out of concrete blocks in my junky sunroom where the floor is so rickety that the whole thing might fall through?

If my husband is reading this, you are not allowed to vote.

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  1. Double. Dog. Dare.
    Because if anyone can, it's you. And because I wish I had your guts so must settle for vicariously living through you!

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  3. wierd. Showed up twice so I deleted one and both disappeared. Anyways,

    I triple dog dare you! Though wouldn't you want to do it outside? If I most likely will fall through the floor to the ground, skip the falling part and start it on the ground. Unless I can't see the picture you see in your head.

  4. Yes, yes, TWO fountains! One in the sunroom and one outside!
    I bought some preliminary test materials today. hee hee hee....

  5. I dare you to make an outside fountain like this one: http://blog.modernica.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/lotusland-fountain-e1366837670524.jpg
    You can see more pictures if you google "lotusland fountain"
    The minute I have a real yard of my own, I'm makin' one, too!

    1. That is exactly exactly exactly what I want!

  6. Long time stalker, er, reader, first time commentor. Can I just say your blog makes me feel like double daring myself to do SO MUCH with my apt bc I'm so inspired by your craftiness?! THANK YOU!

  7. How can your falling in floor support a fountain? It is beautiful but I think the subfloor needs priority.


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