Hedgie love

You guys! The hedgehog party is really swinging now. Look at how cute these are!

First, made by Hildie from a thrift store cashmere sweater! I want to squeeze this one.

And this guy, made by Chia all the way from Indonesia! Love it! What are those ruffles made of? Adorable!

And then this one, made by Michelle, of course nearly killed me because look...

Somebody looks jealous. Or maybe protective? What is he thinking? I can't stop laughing at this picture.

Anyway, this whole hedgehog thing is so fun. The pattern is really easy, isn't it? And I love how everyone uses different materials or tweaks the ruffles to make them unique. Awesome!


  1. I think the hedgehog is giving the camera the...are you kidding me, can you be serious? look. Check ME out, I'm the real hedgehog here. Wicked cute!

  2. Too funny! Is the real hedgehog ticked at being shown up by a stuffed animal, or is he cozying up to be freinds? LOVE IT!

  3. ok now that pic is adorable!!! He really is saying "imposter!!" hee hee!

  4. Thanks for posting my hedgehogs. The live one is Stella, and she was enjoying a nap when I woke her to do this photo shoot. I'm pretty sure she was not impressed with my little woolie version of herself. This was a great project, and I'm gonna be making more of these soon.

  5. Passing the Kreativ Blogger Award on to you! You can go back to my blog for the image and rules.

    PS That hedgehog face is what I looked like when my son woke me up this morning.


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