Don't tell Sewing Machine

I've been spending so much time with Sewing Machine that I needed a break. He gets so clingy and jealous. So today I went on a date with Miter Saw. 

And we made these little card catalog floating shelves. 

And I am TOTALLY loving how they turned out. They have a little keyhole hanger on the back so they mount flush to the wall. And you could print any silly words on the labels. So fun! I've had them brewing in my mind for a while now because I was trying to figure out how to display some vintage childrens books I got on ebay a while back. 

They're heading to etsy later this week...just hope Sewing Machine doesn't notice. 


  1. wow these are awesomely incredible. : )

  2. I love these. I am heading to etsy as soon as I finish declaring my love! I have a little home library. I have always wanted a card cataloge and recently had the chance to buy one. Realized that the chair made it tough to use-but oh baby these shelves! I find your blog so much fun. You have a creative eye that is unlike anyone else's. Your sea collection is beautiful. These are so whimsical. You are such an amazing talent.

  3. Awww, thank you! I only had one listed and it sold, but I will list another today.

    Your comment made my day!

  4. How totally cool!

    I won't tell sewing machine a thing.. I promise!


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